In the region of the capture of the suspect in the terrorist attacks in Paris there was an explosion

In the Brussels region, where previously was detained the main suspect in the Paris terrorist attacks fats Abdesalam, heard explosions. About it reports Reuters, citing Belgian media.

The channel RTBF were shown footage in which you could see the smoke and hear the sound of an explosion, however, the nature of the explosion is not clear. Also about the explosions reported by RTL and l’echo.

Earlier today during a police operation in the Brussels district of Molenbeek was arrested Abdesalam. It was reported that he was wounded.

Also during the RAID, according to prosecutors, was destroyed by one of the alleged terrorists, another two managed to escape.

It became known that the Belgian police managed to track down the criminal, when in one of the apartments in the suburbs of Brussels, which this week held a large-scale RAID, were found the fingerprints of Abdeslam.