Bank “the guarantor-invest” has denied stealing money as a result of a hacker attack

The Moscow Bank “the guarantor-invest” has denied the abduction at 400 million rubles as a result of a hacker attack. The corresponding statement of the management of the credit institution is at the disposal of RBC.

“The management of CB “Garant-invest” officially declares that no abduction occurred”, – stated in the message.

However, the Bank confirmed that on the evening of March 17, unknown persons attempted implementation and activation of the virus, but she failed. As a result of this attack on 18 March to 12.00 am Bank to carry out preventive work, rebooted the system and changed the keys.

Currently, all financial organizations are operating normally, the Bank said, and added that the statement about the attempt of a hacker attack served in law enforcement.

Earlier today, “RIA Novosti” with reference to a source in banking circles said that “the guarantor-invest” has been the victim of hackers who managed to steal from the Bank of 400 million roubles.

“Garant-invest”, according to Banks.Roux, was occupied on 1 January 2016 196-th place among Russian banks with assets of $ 15.6 billion rubles.