The satellite “Resource-P” №3 with undisclosed battery brought into operational orbit

The satellite remote sensing “Resource-P” №3, which has previously refused one of the two solar panels, is derived from intermediate to operational orbit. It is reported by the mission control Center (MCC).

They also specified that the propulsion system of the spacecraft “Resource-P” №3 was included in 17 hours. 02 min 46 sec. Moscow time and burned about 70 sec.

The report also says that currently the onboard systems of the satellite function normally and allow us to solve all of the targets. With “Resource-P” is maintained stable contact is ensured by issuing the necessary command and program information and receiving telemetry.

Correction of the orbit was regular as part of a planned two-pulse maneuver. As a result of the pulse height of the satellite has increased by 200 km, which is fully consistent with the calculated parameters. The second corrective impulse is scheduled for 20 March 2016, said the office.

The decision on carrying out the planned correction of the orbit of the spacecraft taken by lead operational control team (LOCT) in conjunction with the manufacturer of the spacecraft space rocket centre “Progress”.

As it became known earlier, following the launch of the satellite “Resource-P” № 3 to an intermediate orbit, it was recorded an incomplete disclosure of one of the solar system. It was noted that if the second battery and so will not reveal, the possibility of operation of the satellite will be limited.

Yesterday a source “Interfax” in the rocket and space industry said that the experts of the MCC “shook” the satellite, but it didn’t help. The Agency’s interlocutor said that to carry out manoeuvres for the translation of “Resource-P” from the intermediate to the working orbit in a situation where the cause of the failure is unclear, unwise.

Currently, the MOCT and the RCC “Progress” analyze the situation and develop measures to parry, it is noted in the PMU.

The launch of the satellite “Resource-P” was held on March 13 from the Baikonur cosmodrome by launch vehicle “Soyuz-2.1 b”. Together with the previously launched spacecraft “Resource-P” №1 and №2, as well as with the ground points of reception of information “Resource-P” №3 form a single comprehensive surveillance system, which, according to Roscosmos, will significantly increase the efficiency of satellite constellation of remote sensing in earth orbit.