The media has posted the video of detention of Roma people during the unrest near Tula

Channel “Tula 1” posted a video of detention of Roma staged a riot in the village of Plekhanovo near Tula.

The video shows how the police and PPS pushy women, using shields and batons, and detained men. Also shows how the employee of special services repairing a gas pipeline that caused the riots.

Riot police detain Roma in Plekhanovo
The video contains scenes of violence
Video: First Tula

A few days ago, on March 15, the Gypsies living in Plekhanovo, tried to illegally connect to local pipeline, resulting in 400 homes were left without heating. The Gypsies themselves claim that they for many years made it impossible to do it legally.

Then on March 16 they staged a brawl with police, during which threw in law enforcement stones and sticks and burning tires. On the morning of 17 March at the village arrived a few hundred police officers, OMON fighters and teachers.