Sweden announced ten “Russian spies” under diplomatic cover

At least ten Russian diplomats working in Sweden, are actually spies. Such data in the annual report gives the state security Service of Sweden (SAPO).

In SAPO argue that the “Russian spies” also posing as businessmen or employees of companies.

The report mentions that Russia applies in Sweden the methods of psychological warfare. According to the service, Russia is trying to influence Swedish politicians and society as a whole through the radical movement and the spread of misinformation.

“We’ve documented intelligence activities in many areas: political, economic, military and so on. And the picture we are very concerned about,” said chief analyst counterintelligence SAPO Wilhelm the Ung, who worked on the report.

SAPO acknowledges that some employees of the Russian Embassy was asked to leave the country in 2015.

According to SAPO, the Russian intelligence service represents the greatest threat to Sweden. After Russia in the list of threats are the intelligence services of Iran and China.

Last year, the Ung has already stated that a third of Russian diplomats working in Embassy of Russia in Stockholm, are spies. He noted that Russian spies are much more educated and are often younger than the Soviets, and their goal is the acquisition of advanced technology and “preparing for military operations against Sweden.”

In 2015 the authorities of Sweden and Russia exchanged the expulsion of diplomats from their countries.