Kurdish militants claimed responsibility for the attack in the capital of Turkey

The explosion in Ankara, 13 March 2016

The statement that “Hawks free Kurdistan” published on the Internet, describes the attack and stated that the explosion was a revenge for the operation of Turkish law enforcement agencies, during which were killed including civilians.

“Freedom hawks of Kurdistan”, which previously took responsibility for the attack in Ankara on 17 February when a car bomb exploded near the bus, which was traveling Turkish soldiers. Then the victims of the attack were 28 people.

On 14 March, the Turkish authorities announced the arrest of 11 people suspected of involvement in the explosion in Ankara, 10 more persons were declared wanted. According to police, one of the performers of the terrorist attack was a girl, a former a member of the Kurdistan workers party. The identity of the second bomber could not be determined.

Explosion in Turkey’s capital occurred on the evening of March 13, in the Kizilay district. BMW stolen car with terrorists exploded next to a busy square, shopping Mall, metro station and also branches of several banks. As a result, 37 people were killed, over 70 injured.

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Dozens of people were killed in the terrorist attack in Ankara

Powerful explosion has thundered on Sunday, 13 March, in Ankara. His victims, according to recent reports, 34 people became, even more 100 have suffered. It happened in the capital’s Kizilay district, where…

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The group “freedom Hawks of Kurdistan” was founded in 2004. She stood out from the Kurdistan workers ‘ party because of disagreement with the policy of negotiations with the Turkish authorities. For 10 years she carried out several dozen terrorist attacks, the largest of which were two explosions in Ankara this year.