In the Duma found absurd the explanations of the Polish defense Ministry about the crash in Smolensk

The explanations of the Polish defence Minister Antony of Makarevicha about the Smolensk plane crash look absurd. About this in his Twitter said the Chairman of the Committee on the state Duma international Affairs Alexei Pushkov.

The Polish defense Ministry will explain your absurd statement about the terrorist attack etc. of the plane Kaczynski. Came out even more. Waiting for clarifications from the foreign Minister.

14 March Macierewicz called the plane crash in April 2010 that killed Polish President Lech Kaczynski, a terrorist act. “There is no doubt that what happened at Smolensk, was aimed at the deprivation of Poland’s leadership that led our country to independence,” he said. “After Smolensk we can say that we were <…> the first great victim of terrorism in modern conflict that is played out right before our eyes,” he added.

The Minister drew criticism from the Russian side. The foreign Ministry considered them “irresponsible” and aimed “to slacking and so uneasy relations between our countries”. Statements of Makarevicha “does not tally with made already from Warsaw wishes to promote pragmatic cooperation between Russia and Poland,” added in the diplomatic office.

The Kremlin said that the words of Makarevicha anything for a no. They can “hardly unfounded, biased and has nothing to do with the circumstances of this tragedy”, said the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov.

In the words of a military official also responded to the Russian Investigative Committee. “In the race for the most ridiculous and stupid statements suddenly appeared a new leader,” — said the official representative of Department Vladimir Markin. The Minister’s attitude was criticized in the Duma and the Federation Council.

After that, Macierewicz further explained. He stressed that his statement did not name any other States besides Poland. After the disaster in Smolensk, Warsaw “faced a wave of misinformation, with the division of public opinion that is an element of hybrid war” (quoted by “Radio Poland”). “This is also a form of terrorist activity”, — said the head of the defense Ministry.

In the plane crash near Smolensk killed 96 people, including President Kaczynski, his wife, representatives of the high command and the political parties of Poland. According to the report of Interstate aviation Committee, the cause of the crash of the presidential Tu-154 became the incorrect actions of the crew.