“Gazprom” continued to supply fuel to the Minsk despite the government’s request

According to railway freight forwarders, LLC “industrial railway transport” (part of Gazprom) has exported since the beginning of March in Belarus 8,5 thousand tons of distillate gas condensate (can be used as diesel fuel and in the production of high-octane gasoline). In February the company exported only 1.9 thousand tons while in January – 15 thousand tons.

The decline in exports in February, most likely due to the results of the meeting of the government Commission on fuel and energy complex (FEC) Chairman, Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich has recommended to “Gazprom” and “Tatneft” to suspend deliveries of petroleum products to Belarus and the energy Ministry, Finance Ministry and Federal customs service (FCS) has commissioned to understand the reasons for the sharp increase in the supply subsidiaries of Tatneft and Gazprom, it follows from the copies of the report of the Commission.

“Daughter” “Tatneft” LLC “Tatneft-TRANS” has not exported oil to Belarus in February, according to data forwarders. Data on deliveries “Tatneft-TRANS” in March yet.

The representative of Gazprom told RBC that the subsidiary of the monopoly the company has increased deliveries of oil to Belarus in 2015 has increased due to favorable market conditions. The resumption of supplies in March, the representative refused to comment. In “Tatneft” the situation has not yet commented.

As reported by RBC two participants of the Commission on the fuel and Energy sector, the sharp rise in the supply of petroleum products raised the head of the FCS Andrei Belyaninov. He said that this leads to a reduction of income to the Russian budget.

The volume of deliveries has not been announced, said one of the participants. Protocol dictates that companies must provide to the government copies of the documents and calculations related to the payment of customs duties for this shipment. From relevant agencies Dvorkovich waiting for the report on the losses of the budget.
Press Secretary Dvorkovich declined to comment.