Advisor to the President urged to improve the law on news aggregators

Adviser to the President on the Internet Herman Klimenko urged to finalize the draft law, news aggregators equated to mass media. He stated this at the enlarged session of the Duma Committee on information policy on Thursday, the correspondent of RBC.

According to Klimenko, the bill contains many forks in the definitions. “In our industry there is no well-established terms. <…> Now we are trying to define news aggregators. I respect the deputies, but have to be careful. We [the Internet is] not evil, we’re good,” said Klimenko. He also noted that the draft law does not spelled out the methodology of how and by whom would be 1 million visitors.

Earlier, the deputies of the profile Committee of the state Duma introduced a bill, in fact, equates news aggregators (such as “Yandex.News” and others) to the media if their daily audience of over 1 million people. The news aggregators must ensure (and be responsible for these materials) that they disseminate information, to prevent the emergence of public calls for terrorist activities and extremist materials, pornography, etc.

In addition, MPs offer to extend the ban on foreigners owning more than 20% of the business (which, as of 1 January 2016 applies to the media) and news aggregators.

For failure to comply with these requirements news aggregators will face fines from 100-200 thousand rubles up to 5 million rubles.