The Argentine border guards sank a Chinese fishing boat

Argentine coast guard sank a Chinese fishing vessel when you try to stop him for illegal fishing in the waters of the South Atlantic.

Having discovered a schooner which was engaged in illegal fishing in the exclusive economic zone of Argentina, the guards began to submit to the fishermen of the sound (in Spanish and English) and visual signals. The ship turned off the lights and ignored attempts to make contact, it is spoken in the message published on the Agency’s website.

Instead of stopping, the Chinese decided to go into international waters. The guards started chasing the offenders.

“The ship-the infringer began to conduct maneuvers to collide with the ship by the coast guard, risking not only the lives of his crew, but employees of the coast guard. In this regard, the order was given to shoot in different compartments of the schooner, causing her injuries”, — stated in the message.

The damage was so severe that the ship began to sink. The crew saved the Argentine border. All the fishermen live, said the border service.

On the website of the coast guard of Argentina published the video, which filmed a fishing schooner Lu Yan Yuan Yu 010 after the fire.