The first group of su-34 fighters returned from Syria to Voronezh

The first group of multifunctional fighter-bomber su-34, who returned from Syria, landed on avibase near Voronezh. It is reported TASS from the event.

Before landing, the aircraft passed over the airfield in front of air formation at low altitude, and then made the dissolution.

The defense Ministry reported that in Voronezh there has arrived the commander of the aerospace defence forces of Russia Colonel-General Victor Bondarev, who will take part in a solemn meeting of pilots returning from a combat mission.

The day before, on 14 March, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin at a meeting with the head of the defense Ministry Sergei Shoigu and foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov ordered the withdrawal of the main part of the Russian military forces from Syria. He explained that he considered the tasks assigned to the Ministry of defence were generally fulfilled.

On the morning of 11 March, the first group of Russian aircraft have left Syria. In the first group became “the leader” — the Tu-154, as well as multi-functional bomber su-34. The defense Ministry said that a group Russian military aircraft go to the Russian border, and then independently go to the airfield.