Saudi Arabia landed the aircraft under the control of women’s crew

Brunei Royal Brunei airlines carried out the flight to Saudi Arabia by plane, which was ruled by an all-female crew. This is a special event for Saudi Arabia, where religious rules woman has no right even to drive a car, reports the Sunday bi-Bi-si.

Captain Sharif of Carina Zuraini and pilots nĂ¡dia by Hasheem and Sariana Nordin took over the management of the liner 23 February, however, the Western media paid attention to the flight just now.

Syarif Carina Zuraini became the first female captain of the aircraft in South-East Asia three years ago. “People believe that the profession of a pilot is an exclusively male profession. For women, the women from Brunei, this is a great achievement. This is an example for girls, showing that they can achieve what they want,” she said then in an interview with Brunei Times.

Although the Express prohibition for women to drive in the country, the right to obtain a driver’s license have only men. A woman appeared behind the wheel of a car in a public place may be arrested by the police and fined a large sum. Saudi women have recently held several campaigns, including social media, seeking easing of these norms.