AvtoVAZ appointed a new President

The new President of AVTOVAZ appointed Nicolas Mor (Nicolas Maure), the decision shall enter into force on 4 April 2016. This is stated in the press-release of Alliance Rostec Auto BV, a joint venture of Renault-Nissan and state Corporation “rostec”.

Currently, 55-year-old Nicolas Moore is the General Director of Renault in Romania, where he managed all commercial and production activities of the company. At the same time he holds the position of President — General Director of JSC Automobile Dacia SA, the manufacturer of one of the fastest growing automotive brands in Europe and the largest private company in Romania.

Several employees of AVTOVAZ and people close to the “Rostech” and Renault-Nissan, told RBC that the Board of Directors will discuss three candidates for the position of President of AVTOVAZ. The interlocutors of RBC called Nicolas Mora, who has worked in senior positions in Dacia since 2006. He headed the Romanian company, which is owned by French group Renault in 2014.

Under the guidance of a specialist Dacia became the fifth plant in Europe by number of vehicles produced.

Renault-Nissan — controlling shareholder of AVTOVAZ. And 74.51% of shares of factory belongs to the company Alliance Rostec Auto, Renault-Nissan 67.13% of shares, and “Rosteh” — 32,87%.