Yevgeny Plushenko in the next few days will do the surgery in Israel

Two-time Olympic champion in figure skating Evgeni Plushenko in the next few days will have surgery in Israel because of a pinched nerve neck. About TASS reported to the attending physician of the athlete, the surgeon Ilya Pekarskii.

Skater March 11, underwent a medical examination in Israel.

“A medical examination revealed serious problems with Plushenko. He has severe pinched nerve of the neck that goes in the arm,” explained the doctor.

He noted that the process of recovery after surgery will last six months. Initially, the skater was offered two treatment options, including nonsurgical. According to baking, this option would be possible if Plushenko was removed “from his life jumping and ice”. However, for the athlete who wants to return to physical activity, physical therapy and injections is insufficient. It was therefore decided to do the surgery.

Because of a back injury during the Olympics in Sochi, the athlete was unable to compete in the individual championship — refused to roll after the short program warm-up. Then he announced his retirement from sports, however in April 2015 again stated that it will participate in competitions of 2015/16 season.