One of the participants of the terrorist attack in Ankara was a girl from Kurdish groups

Security of Turkey has identified the suspect in the terrorist attack in Ankara, which occurred on Sunday evening, she was a girl born in 1992. About it reports Reuters, citing unnamed representatives of power structures.

The girl, according to the Turkish law enforcement agencies, is a native of the city of Kars in Eastern Turkey. In 2013 she joined the Kurdistan workers ‘ party (PKK), outlawed in the country.

That law enforcement authorities suspected in the attack the PKK or its associated group, Reuters reported yesterday. While officially responsible for the terrorist attack yet took no organization.

On Sunday evening, March 13, in Ankara in Kizilay district exploded a car bomb. This place is popular among locals — there are square, shopping center, metro station, bus stop and offices of several banks. According to the latest data, in the attack, 37 people were killed, 71 of them are in the hospital, 15 of them in serious condition.

The next day after the attack, Turkish jets struck PKK positions in Northern Iraq. In the attack were involved 11 aircraft.

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Dozens of people were killed in the terrorist attack in Ankara

Powerful explosion has thundered on Sunday, 13 March, in Ankara. His victims, according to recent reports, 34 people became, even more 100 have suffered. It happened in the capital’s Kizilay district, where…

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