Summer Bank warned customers about fraudulent mass mailing SMS

Summer, the Bank reported the fraudulent mass mailing SMS-messages on his behalf. About it reports a press-service of the Bank.

The Bank specified that the messages contain information about the application for money transfer and request to call back on nominated room.

The Bank States that such reports scams and calls in any case not to call back to the number specified in the SMS. If the client is still called back to that number, it is recommended to quickly check the status of the account.

Financial institution draws the attention of customers that upon detection of withdrawal of funds is necessary to block the card and contact the Bank with the statement for its compromise.

In the summer of 2015, the Bank of Russia announced the distribution of cases on behalf of large Russian banks is infected with a virus email-messages with offers to draw a map of the “World”. The Central Bank urged recipients not to open such messages.

In October of the same year, the victim of SMS scams became Alfa-Bank. Customers of the credit organization came the message with the text: “the Shareholders of Alfa-Bank withdraw all their assets from the Bank and from the country. From almost reliable sources.” In late 2014 by sending a similar message faced by Sberbank. Then the Bank has addressed in law enforcement bodies.

Summer Bank is a subsidiary of the financial group VTB. The Bank specializes in Express lending, cash loans and credit cards. As it became known in the end of 2015, “Mail of Russia” has decided to buy 50% minus one share of the Bank in the Summer to create a Postal Bank, which the group VTB and “Russian Post” announced in September 2015. The launch of the new Bank is planned for March 2016.